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Has Your Furnace Gone on the Fritz?

Get hassle-free heater repairs in Hicksville or Westbury, NY

If your heater kicks the bucket in the dead of the New York winter, don't panic. Count on InstaPlumber, Inc for rapid heater repairs or heater installation services. Our expert technician can also provide maintenance tips to keep your heater running smoothly from day to day.

Call 516-369-0289 today to schedule heater repairs for your home or business in the Westbury or Hicksville, NY area.

Watch out for these signs of a furnace malfunction

Neglecting your furnace when it breaks down can let dangerous carbon monoxide into the air. It's smart to schedule furnace repairs at the first sign of trouble. Contact a qualified professional right away if you notice your furnace is:

  • Emitting a strong smell of gas.
  • Making loud popping or banging sounds.
  • Hiking up your energy bills while the temperature stays the same.

Make sure you get timely furnace repairs or installation services in the Hicksville or Westbury, NY area. Call 516-369-0289 now.